This adorable third grade class just dropped the best ‘Old Town Road’ remix


Ever since Lil Nas X dropped “Old Town Road” (featuring Billy Ray Cyrus) earlier this month, the internet has been overrun with remixes of the “hip haw” song. 

The latest — and definitely most enthusiastic —  remix comes from Jasmine A. Merlette’s third grade class. 

A day in the life of Ms. Merlette..
🍎👩🏽‍🏫🔥 #MyClassHasBarsss #TurntUpTuesday #ThisIsOURJam #WeKILTOurStateTest #ThirdGradeShawty #YoFavoriteTeacher

— Jasmine A. Merlette (@futuredrjas) May 1, 2019

Ms. Merlette, a grade school teacher, took to Twitter to showcase her students singing and dancing to a math-themed version of “Old Town Road.” The kids, accompanied by a large stuffed giraffe, almost go harder than Lil Nas X himself as they hop around between desks.  Read more…

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