It’s about damn time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get queer


After 11 years, 22 films, and several strides toward more diversity on screen, the Marvel Cinematic Universe still feels decades behind on queer representation. But that hasn’t stopped Marvel’s actors, comic writers, and fans from doing the lord’s work of queering the MCU anyway.

To the surprise of no one, it turns out that queer stories and relationships make for some of the best superhero narratives.

Let Okoye find true love!

Let Okoye find true love!

Image: hbo

“People tend to find common ground between queerness and superhero narratives because oftentimes when you’re marginalized you are hoping for a better world where you are accepted and where you are seen,” said Roxane Gay, seminal writer of Bad Feminist and the recent World of Wakanda comics centered around a romance between two Doja Milaje warrior women. “And superhero narratives are comprised of people who are trying to contribute to that better world in one form or another.” Read more…

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