What professionals really want from the new Mac Pro


Two years ago, Apple did the unthinkable: The company gathered a select group of prominent technology journalists at its headquarters in Cupertino and essentially apologized for leaving its most powerful computer, the Mac Pro, to die a slow death over the span of four years.

In the same conversation, Apple executives also announced they were working on a new Mac Pro, which we later learned wouldn’t be launching until 2019. Well, we’re just about midway through 2019, and Apple still hasn’t said a peep about the Mac Pro. 

Is it still coming out this year? What’s it gonna look like? What kind of specs can we expect from it? How much will it cost? Apple might answer some or all of these questions at WWDC next week, but what do professionals — the people who’ve been waiting years and will pay top dollar — really want from a new Mac Pro? Read more…

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