Adobe and Pantone are working to save coral reefs in a new campaign with the Ocean Agency


One-fifth of the world’s coral reefs have already disappeared or are suffering from severe damage. In an attempt to combat this trend and raise awareness, Adobe and the Pantone Color Institute have teamed up with the Ocean Agency to launch a campaign that uses creativity to inspire change. 

Coral reefs may be full of vibrant colors, but if they’re too vivid, it can spell trouble. This rarity dubbed fluorescing is coral’s attempt to resist extremely high temperatures

While filming the Netflix Original Documentary Chasing Coral, the Ocean Agency “came across this unbelievable phenomenon in New Caledonia,” said Richard Vevers, Founder and CEO of the Ocean Agency. “These corals were fluorescing these incredibly vivid colors. We captured this imagery and it was in the film.”  Read more…

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