Everything you need to remember from ‘Stranger Things 2’


Buckle up, Tigers! We’re just one day away from the official reconvening of the Hawkins A.V. Club. 

This Independence Day, Stranger Things 3 returns for another nostalgia-laden look at ’80s mall culture, teenage romance, Mötley Crüe obsession, Banana Boat SPF, puffy pink sleeves, American Kitsch, and Dig Dug.

Oh, and also probably monsters, imminent danger, and certain death. You knowProbably.

Jumping forward to the summer of 1985, this new installment won’t pick up exactly where we left off, but it will most definitely rely on the past two seasons of Hawkins lore to drive its plot home. 

So where were we the last time things got strange? Here’s everything you need to remember from the first two seasons of Stranger Things before diving into the third. Read more…

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